oil painting on stretched canvas of a hardy pirouette begonia in front of a backdrop of a sunset with the horizon turned on it’s side. The many clouds in the sky are shown with the colours inverted, what’s dark is light and what’s white is dark


This idea of seeing what we think we see instead of actually seeing these things as they truly are was something that was brought to my attention when I was quite young studying to be an artist. Take a look at my blog on this series. to learn more about Inversion. Here I have shown many images that … Read more

colourful drawing of hydro towers in fields with forests and lily pads and bullrushes and cattails and a smoke bush and hills

the 4 horsemen

That doesn’t make it bad… that makes it thought provoking,  Which, in my mind, is always a good thing! Likening 4 critical characteristics of great art to apocalyptic doom and gloom of the 4 horsemen might be a bit much, but whether you look at the New Testament or the Old, leaving these characteristics out … Read more