Phoenix Rising—my story

Chai on Life Eighteen. Good luck number where I came from. Chai—not like the tea—but like a hard “H”. Means Life. And it seems like a lifetime ago since I was a full-time artist. 18 years ago, I had a car accident—limo driver full of rowdy teenagers burned a red light and caught my tail end … Read more

sunrise photo of pam trees

The art of dating

Dating. For some that’s a very scary idea. For others, they love the thrill. Dating has a lot of similarities with acquiring art, whether you want to hook up or are ready for a long-term relationship.   In the way that you would ask a friend their opinion on your newest love interest, I am … Read more



Inversion is a concept that has been explored in psychology and science, math, and music, however, as far as I can tell, it’s not a concept that has been explored much at all in art, if ever. It is a concept that I have explored for some time but not exactly like this until recently. In the past I have looked at ways in which we are seen by others and see ourselves and how those ways of seeing are not true, instead they are mirrored images of what we think we see or of ourselves seeing what we need to see.  


WALKING WOMAN, Version 1 WALKING WOMAN, Version 2 woman Still collectibles Gloria Bill, ted, Bob Portraits