octopus’ garden

I became fascinated with Octopuses after watching a documentary last year about a man who developed the most fantastic friendship with an Octopus. I was amazed by how intelligent and sentient they are. It became obvious that they experience attachment, fear, and other emotions, just as humans do—Probably just as most of the animal world do, too. Octopuses are playful and curious about things in their environment and they are also unbelievably protective and resourceful. I am in awe of what they can and do do. I’ve been wondering WWOD—what would octopuses do, if they had the opportunity? What would they say, react to what we have created in this world and how we have changed it for them and all the other inhabitants of our Earth.

The octopus Series and theme is one I can see myself revisiting for some time to come. Specifically here and now, in 2021, this series is about how I see the Octopus might think of our handling of the environment and the Covid-19 Pandemic.