hibiscus and roses

This process started off with an oil painting of 2 flowers that I did on a hanging canvas, unstretched. I then photographed, digitized, and transferred the image to Procreate on my iPad.

I reworked this over and over and made many versions, some of which are shown here.

In the “Inverted Rose/Hibiscus” series I am choosing common things we look at every day like flowers, and see them in a way in which we haven’t seen them before. This goes back to the way I have been challenging our approach to energy consumption in the environment.

Fish, flowers, fruit, many of these things have become modified genetically, or farmed in a way to support commercial interests over those of our land and land dwellers. If we strip flowers and other living things of their colour, vibrancy, and attributes that make them what they are, what is left?

Other Series: