It’s in our Nature

This is a series I started exploring because of what happened this past spring on our morning walk. As we crossed over the bridge at Maxwell Park behind the Prosserman JCC, we noticed the ravine, which is part of the whole Don River system in the GTA, was full of white foam—as tho someone had poured a vat full of detergent and chemicals in the water. We started noticing that the water appeared this way on many mornings. And others it didn’t. And many afternoons it just had it’s usual muddy look.

From this I started looking more closely at the different effects and manifestations of human activity on our environment, the hungry fish we’ve “created” at the Toronto Zoo. The rising and falling of the ravine before and after the beaver dam constructed over the human dam. The patterns and colours of ice and rain mixed with oils and gasoline and other human “residue”.

All this was alongside the Octopus Series I have been working on at the same time. And so the ravine foam brought me to “Gone Fishing at the Beaver Dam in Maxwell Park”, which I’ve shown here for reference.