hibiscus and roses

This process started off with an oil painting of 2 flowers that I did on a hanging canvas, unstretched. I then photographed, digitized, and transferred the image to Procreate on my iPad. I reworked this over and over and made many versions, some of which are shown here. In the “Inverted Rose/Hibiscus” series I am … Read more

The Game

This Series stems from the Fractured Memory Series.

Remembering events of the past proves very difficult. We often recall those events as disjointed fragments that appear fractured and broken. True, we can never change the past. We can, however, reframe and choose how to incorporate those memories, if at all, into our lives.

By taking fractured memory we can practice reconstructing those memories.  And in doing so, reclaim power over memories of times when we felt powerless. We can then rebuild and recreate our futures, becoming resilient, in control, and at peace.

While exploring fractured memory and reconstructing those memories, this series examines how we readily entrust supposedly caring adults with very fragile and vulnerable children. Additionally, it looks at how we have not adequately prepared our children to go out into the world. Instead, they venture forth often unaware and ill-prepared to recognize and defend themselves against “friendly” predators.

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